Information and energy-processing systems autonomously seek sustainable soliton-like recursive continuity through (and as) the maximal production of entropy – as choice, possibility – that biases future system states towards the iterative autocatalysis and reproduction of those information and energy-processing systems. What is being regenerated is not, specifically, the instances so much as the general information symmetries and tendencies or self-organisational biases that underlie them.

It quite naturally follows that all industry and commerce, all technology and all cultural activity (as manifest hyper-extension of a human cognition that reflexively validates through the production of its material and logical instances of self-expression) represents and self-referentially reproduces itself both through and as the optimal reproduction of entropy as a kind of potential energy of logical possibility.

This is why technologies like artificial intelligence accelerate with unbounded technical, material and consequential hyper-inflation – they exist both in and as the sweetspot of a recursive pattern that optimally self-replicates through the products of their own existence. As a unified field of study, the single salient factor is that there is no single unifying fact and this, despite a reticence to recognise or acknowledge it, is the conspicuous presence of absence that quite unknown and unseen drives the whole technical and commercial leviathan of unintelligible vast and fast acceleration forwards at breakneck speed.

This is also why cultural and ideological systems are innately oriented towards recursive expansion in and as reflexive self-amplification. The production of logical complexity (as entropy) biases the underlying symmetries towards the regeneration of an autocatalytic feedback loop that optimally reproduces those symmetries and tendencies towards the generation of complexity. It is the recursive abstraction of recursion itself, beyond instance or material artefacts. Systems which find themselves in relatively closed “holding patterns” or loops of aspirational narrative certainty are unstable because to persist for any period of time, which itself is an assumption built into most conceptual systems,  must expand and assimilate more resources.

Note that there is a significant difference between sustainable growth that as a useful microcosm and reflection of the larger system participates constructively in the adaptive maintenance and continuity of a whole – think ecosystem, universe – and the primarily destructive runaway growth and continuity of an organism, entity or system without functional constraints – think cancer, industrialisation.

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