Imprisoned by the Words that define Freedom

The tower of babble is a Panopticon of introspective self-surveillance.

It is so difficult to step outside the unseen boundaries that our words and worlds draw across our lives, even as they indicate another life and possibility beyond those walls that are usually at least felt, if not directly seen. Being born into a particular time and place shapes us in ways that quite precisely and imperceptibly limit and constrain our minds to those arcs and intelligible contours of behaviour and belief we experience as normative and all-encompassing. It is a bitter-sweet irony that the cognitive grammars and conceptual vocabularies that bind us to unacknowledged conventions are simultaneously the only medium through which we might make this life explicable, through which we might reach out and aspire for more. Our primary tool of knowledge, reflective catharsis and psychological order is also and effectively our existential jailkeeper.

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