Emptiness of Words

Words are the atoms of our minds; their meanings are like those mirrors that in discovering that their reflected superficial image was always an enigmatic uncertainty and impossible recombinatory constellation of borrowed energy, endlessly fade into some kind of dusty emptiness or purposeless entropy and vacuum.  Our minds, also... and letting go is never easy.

The Freedom of Words

City flowers in summer. In every sentence, every voiced utterance and subtle nuance or aspiration towards meaning and purpose, we are that through which the world comes to know itself.  These patterns and vibrant tapestry of mixed, living concept and blind, unknowing information are doing little more than that which the world is bound by…

Impossible Things

Given sufficient complexity, energy or information flow and time, the logical end-state of any particular process need not itself under analysis appear as though rationally derived or even substantively plausible.


"...human knowledge must always be content to accept some terms as intelligible without definition...:

Words: Mistaken Identities

In a world such as this where we all have our guards up most of the time in response to the more bleak realities of life, we would still do well to remember that goodness, sincerity and honesty still exists within others and within ourselves...