The Suspension of Disbelief

I spent years learning about the stars, the galaxies and the deep mysteries of logic, time and space; countless mornings staring out my window into the blazing furnace of the rising sun, afternoons in the hills watching the slow-setting peach orb descend, questioning all that I had by then knew, wondering how the immensity and majesty of this world could exist beyond my safe little symbolic and cultural cocoon. It took so long to suspend my disbelief in the depth of the Cosmos with which science presented me but having now some time ago arrived here with the blindfold of doubt removed, it is now the human world to which I should feel quite native that leaves me questioning the validity and purpose of these endlessly futile, hollow games we play; games which, it must be said, provide little more ultimate meaning, purpose or rationale than their own pointless self-replication. It was never the Universe that needed questioning; it was our very little, very fragile human world that was always an uncertain propsal and this is a fact that few are able (or willing) to accept.

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