The Selfish Problem of Duality

The core issue is an ontological symmetry that in some sense “breaks” or aggregates around, through and as human subjectivity. All of our organisational systems, definitions, structural and technological innovations and vulnerabilities reflect this self-same underlying and enigmatically self-contained dynamic.

The proliferation of models, frameworks, maps and “best practices’ is  misses a key point. A discontinuous differential and self-inflected logical vacuum at the heart of information and energy-processing systems (of which both we and our social or organisational words and worlds are instances) is irreducible. Acknowledging this foundational absence of reflexive psychological closure is as good a starting point as any and being that in any non-trivially sophisticated or complex context of reflexive, recursive tautology (such as the world actually is, beyond all hollow caricatures of belief) all starting points are arbitrary.

Some systems have no center and no periphery. The real question might be: what is it that generates an apparent necessity of the subjective, individuated, isolated and alienated perspective of Self that requires an Other or difference and distance of Object by and through which to assert identity.

The enigma: no duality means no self.

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