Enigma: Cartography of Self

The more that our inner worlds become outer artefacts, the more that our personal lives (now - thoughts) becomes commercial or surveillance data points, the more that the porous boundaries of psychological and material subjectivity disassemble and dissolve. A history, a culture, a civilisation predicated upon the ascendance of individuality (and it's logical complement of…

A Cultural Vacuum of Self

The strangest thing about personal identity and subjective psychological experience is that, at core, it consists solely of internalised references to an external world of images, ideas, idioms, languages and conventions.  This "external" world is only ever the substantive collection and dynamic aggregate of all of those other individual nodes, similarly empty, and swimming in…

Desire and Fear

We are bound by fear to our Objects and fantasies of Other and Self as much as by desire and there is a complex logical undercurrent and rationale to the ways that we (enigmatically) encrypt aversion into attraction and revulsion or death into fertility and life.

Hollow Wisdom and Love

Do we fall in love with a person or do we fall in love with the idea of a person? We can never ever really get inside someone else's head, experience the world as they do and through their eyes, so we are surely only ever as much in love with who we think that…

Human Intelligence 2.0

A characteristically long and wordy waffle on the topic of human intelligence, the cognitive hyper-extension of technology, an iterative fracture of grand narrative into abbreviated artefacts, unconscious biases and a Global turn towards authoritarianism.