Under analysis, we might be pleasantly (or otherwise) surprised to discover that imagination and its abstracted introspection represent the kernel and tonal center around which all intelligence as ordered experience and perception modulate.

More than this, though, all belief – being the interior reflection of a half-mirrored labyrinth asserted and projected upon assumptive metaphysical facts that might never be directly known – is itself so riddled with self-inflected inconsistency and irreducible enigma that we find, at heart, this ground-state of hollow uncertainty.

If everything, thus rendered as irreducibly fictional from the perspective of belief and mind or language, invokes necessary doubt beyond us it also calls it into existence within and here we might stop for a moment to consider that imagination as abstraction is not mere necessary ingredient but is in fact that which binds everything.

Self and other, experience and belief, interior and exterior – two systems that each contain and sustain each other, mirrored in and as one system that contains and sustains itself. Imagine that… the presence of absence (as imagination, abstraction) itself being the binding force.

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