Beyond Ideology

Arguing about politics is essentially infantile and does nothing more than recursively self-validate the argument itself.

Indeed, and similarly – the metric and ticking metronome of those times is so often and deeply inflected by a chronology (as history) measured in, by and as reflexive institutional responses to human being that we have all come to quite normatively expect that all of our catastrophes and our triumphs must necessarily conform to the guiding morphology of a governance which remains at best an informed guess, at worst an absurdity and, just as often, a haunted theatre of meaningless political self-interest.

Asserting system control or constructive dissonance of inhibitory damping is a necessary self-burden and cost of civilisation but it is quite counter-intuitively the ways in which it is unnecessary that come (inversely by material and cultural or psychological difference and distance) to define both its utility and value.

It remains an enigma that continuity requires constancy as relative certainty while accelerating change requires embracing uncertainty in and as rapid adaptation but such integrated and coordinated metamorphosis is only successfully plausible where it is usefully guided. The question thus now becomes one of complexity and of an emergent autonomy that exists parri passu structural and sociotechnical inhibition.

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