The Metaverse Lies

When one Zuckerberg is never enough…

Utopian technological fantasies provide precisely an inverse, equal and opposite promise of abbreviated complexity, simplicity, reduced information or cognitive burden from the unmanaged entropy they materially invoke and to which they are often applied as aspirational panacea.

Notice here that recurring trope of escape into a world of pure control and endless choice in subjective individuation that our lived as embodied world might (or can) never provide. The blindspot here is, of course and as with all fantasies of total (or totalitarian) control, that the fictional narrative of informational closure constrains us much more than the manifest imperfections and insecurities of lived experience for which it represents a proxy and replacement.

The embedding of a fictional self within the material (as planetary, environmental) container it inhabits is perhaps always anchored upon this recursively discontinuous dependency upon (and as) belief. In short – the asserted certainty of control cultivates the doubt that both precedes and sustains it, and all long before ideology or commerce jockeys for political leverage.

A broken symmetry is endemic of technology and cognition; reaching beyond as though it were ever more than tautology.

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