Experience as Negation

Apophasis was a Medieval mystical method as philosophical heuristic which sought to  remove all noise, all excess, all mental chatter until all that was left is Divine. However one feels about this, and a Zen resonance notwithstanding, the fact remains that this procedural cognitive morphology represents the equal and inverse to that of accumulative, aggregative complexity with which we are all much more familiar and upon which contemporary technologically-mediated subjectivities and organisations are founded.

Jeff Lichtman of Harvard (see: “Brainbow“) has demonstrated the ways in which young/infant brain connectomes in mice are maximally connected. The phenomenological data of experience inhibits the wiring networks. This sparse compression of algorithmic complexity becomes the functional wiring of the brain. Janus-like, this door simultaneously closes and opens: narrowing to more effective networks is the record and trace of experience and memory.

The basin of attraction in complex organisational, information and energy-processing (i.e. “natural” computational) systems is towards lowest energy states facilitated by accumulation – simultaneously towards higher-dimensional abstractions of complexity as logical self-negation.

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