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The Cybernetic Zero: (an) Algorithmic Complexity

Algorithmic complexity is a measure of information. For any non-trivially sophisticated (i.e. interesting) system, there exists no shortest/best programmatic representation – i.e. theory, model, framework or network wiring. This means that in some circumstances we can reduce ad infinitum. There is no best, only better; a lesson in abject humility still to be learned by many.

This openness is internal, indefinitely extensible. The point – the reduction in material complexity that a narrowing network represents is simultaneously the equal and inverse expansion in a logical sense. So, yes – the narrowing to a focal point or reduced complexity network, as analogy, represents the (literally) embodied accumulation of experience. We are our internal networks and so, as it turns out, are our organisations.

Of course, system boundaries are complicated by the fact that everything we define as internal or external (in whichever ontological framework we choose to inhabit) is entirely arbitrary and as a self-referential and tautological system of belief is anchored on nothing more than itself. The thing which is missing in logical negation is itself. This is the core bootstrap and mystery that inflates both self and world.

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