Alien Anthropology

Beating the drums of war…

We might do better not to ask how, exactly, an entire country might become a kind of prison so much as to ask why it would be a large-scale governance framework that anyone would think was worthwhile pursuing. This is indeed a world in which such large-scale incarceration occurs and as such it is a wise decision to choose awareness of how such systems are cultivated lest you unwittingly find yourself inhabiting one.

Observing current Global developments in and around the variously and perennially contested borders between East and West, it is difficult to assess this as anything other than the continuation of a political pathology that critically depends upon fear for survival. The more the drums of war are beaten, the greater the reflexive sense of difference-as-self-identity and adversarial dissonance that accrues political capital. How better to imprison an entire nation than to keep it in a constant state of military readiness and, finger-on-trigger, to seek offence and justification for threatened or actual violence at every opportunity?

We see similar political tactics at play in several large and ambitious, if insecure, nations. The utter absurdity of leading humanity into a Third World War over manufactured ideological differences that only truly exist between people’s ears is quite frankly astonishing. I imagine that the people of these nations are fully aware of the Machiavellian games that their leaderships are playing but their ability and access to express frustration is clearly also limited.

Can humanity really be so collectively incompetent at just simply existing that it forever seeks to violently extinguish its own fragile, flickering flame from the Cosmos?

When an entire country becomes a prison…

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