Mind the Gap: Science and the Unknowable

It remains as something of an intractable and enigmatic fact that all systems of description, all linguistic artefacts and logical entities must conform in some way to the basic structure of a tautology.

This in itself is an interesting enough conceptual waypoint but even while we find ourselves forever gazing into the half-mirrored labyrinths of our own invention, we find that this metaphysical uncertainty that exists in some sense beyond language and consensus experience is reflected back upon, through and as that whole participatory, adaptive and autonomously self-propagating hyper-surface of all which we can ever be said to verifiably know and understand. This is to say, that epistemological uncertainty in some sense “beyond” us is indistinguishable, arguably – identical, to that kernel incompleteness, undecidability and effervescing entropy (as a conspicuous absence of algorithmic closure) within us and all our systems of belief, the hyper-extended cognition of technology and all human experience.

Bridging this gap between two unresolvable voids is the task before us. Our teleological intuitions are poorly-equipped to negotiate logical system self-containment, albeit an ontological skeleton key for the complexity sciences.

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