Many Worlds

A question worth pondering is that of whether or not the genealogy that percolates as ascendant method(s) of questioning is the one and only possible radiating path through a complex space of all possible (incomplete) logical trajectories. Of all possible worlds and laws of physics (or technical extrapolations of these), something constrains the sum total entropy to a limited and non-ergodic cross-section – as much in logic as in life and living complexity or the intelligence and downstream technologies that emerge from it.

Might the world, in short, be other than what it is? Not as an either/or dichotomy but somewhere far, far beyond. The path we have traced through this forest of facts certainly appears ineluctable from the vantage point we inhabit as this particular (moving) frame of reference. This might be by analogy a “false vacuum” in an information and entropy sense – there may be very many local minima as and aspects upon cross-sections through the same logical hyper-object.

There may be artefacts and entities that stand in relation to higher-dimensions just as higher-dimensions do to the world of our experience and, indeed, the indefinitely-extensible properties of logic may obligate us to this view.

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