Life in Space?

Context: First evidence of cell membrane molecules in space

I wonder if we might stretch the boundaries of biological diversity far beyond the limited subset of observed (terrestrial) organic self-replication to encompass the possibility of space-based life, sentience and intelligence.

Given the sheer vastness of all possible configurations of matter and energy as dynamically-reflexive environmental contexts I doubt we could ever completely exclude it.

Less Boltzmann Brains as stochastic miracles, more a plausible inevitability of the chemico-computational bias of pretty much all sufficiently sophisticated (i.e. complex) dynamical systems.

The “basin of attraction” here is towards logical/informational abstraction in and as autonomously self-propagating, soliton-like artefacts, entities and systems.

On a spectrum from chemical broth to biological neural network, there is a certain degree of convergence that suggests it may only be a matter of hubris that limits imagination (and discovery) in this context.

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