Complexity, Disinformation, Strategy

An ineradicable problem in the context of engaging disinformation is that, of all possible paths we might as a fledgling technological civilisation have taken through the vast forest of combinatorial possibility, we have arrived in and at a world in which partisan difference and deceptive, adversarial contests have become the  methods by and through which that technologically-mediated world optimally self-propagates.

It is not as though the functional and cultural or psychological discontinuities of difference are any kind of necessary existential condition. More so that, in as much as the integrated field of communication that we inhabit (and that quite equally inhabits us) has fallen into a broken symmetry as particular patterns of dissonant self-replication, we do not always manage to abstract ourselves from it in clever enough ways to make it pliable.

All general strategies I have observed being asserted in this context are quite inhibited by their attachment to a narrow teleology of closure and control. It is as though we are mowing a lawn, expecting the grass to stop growing when what we really need to do is seed a new kind of growth. Complexity is inevitable but it can (and should) be shaped by intelligence and insight.

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