An Eternal Absence of Knowledge

If wisdom consists of knowing that you do not know, knowledge and all that ever creatively emanates from it can only ever be built upon such shifting sands.

Technology is, for better and for worse, an extension of this principle. In every innovation, every inflected discontinuity of human ingenuity, and in every ratchet up the ladder if technical and technological sophistication we find ourselves no closer to closure or certainty. In fact, it is precisely this effectively unsolvable riddle of indefinitely-extensible logical growth as uncertainty and incompleteness provides provides the vacuum and motive force that drives civilisation into new worlds of complexity.

It is the artefacts and systems knowledge brings that allow us to consolidate our beliefs and transient existential tenure in this world but it is exactly and counter-intuitively the absence of knowledge that motivates us. Human intelligence is in this regard not a solution to the presence of k Oracle facts but, rather, forms the body of an object in perpetual free fall (as orbit) around their conspicuous, eternal absence.

The presence of absence compels us.

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