Have you noticed that those who make the grandest historical and global assertions of identity and imperialistic might are generally (and self-evidently) driven by the most pitifully base and selfish motivations? In one sense, this is a function of the vast and sprawling networked information and communications systems we inhabit quite naturally and necessarily drifting towards the simplest, median solutions for narrative and cultural or psychological self-propagation as caricature and stupidity. In another sense, it is the optimal method of global information and energy-processing system self-propagation in and as this churlish bias towards selfish conceptual, political and material reproduction.

The underlying truth here is that history produces the tyrants and their brutal regimes much more (and as a consequence of) some blind necessity and drift towards mindless conflict than of any particular individual or partisan political and ideological as tribal significance or enduring meaning. History, that is, is a self-propelling compression wave that maximally reproduces itself as a function of fools and factions that pathologically believe in their signicance as though some manifest destiny but fail to see just how pitiful and pathetic it is to build empires when this is and can only ever be just so many transient, superficial games of greed and utterly futile human vanity. Bewitched by the fragile insecurity that defines them, they can not perceive that history makes them much more than they make it and for all this rampant, uncontrolled narcissism they will appear to all of our descendants as complete and utter idiots, ignorant bullies and infants in a world for which they represent passing shadows as bit-players and so much transient infantile hubris on a much, much vaster and ultimately unknowing Cosmological stage.

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