Have you noticed that those who make the grandest historical and global assertions of identity and imperialistic might are generally (and self-evidently) driven by the most pitifully base and selfish motivations? In one sense, this is a function of the vast and sprawling networked information and communications systems we inhabit quite naturally and necessarily drifting […]


Love is a game best played by fools…

Love is a game best played by fools and in the end we are all played as so many fools by love.

Alien Anthropology

Desire Deceives and Fertile, Breeds

…the beauty of this art is also the beauty of our minds and the myriad ways that pattern and concept so sweetly, seductively deceive us all. How easily our eyes, our minds, are fooled and how fast an impulse is invoked by the simplest of strokes and a surrender to sweet and wilful projection. We […]


Rise of the Simpletons

We may have been exquisitely unlucky in our shared selections from a poverty of all available leadership choices…