Alien Anthropology

E.T. ?

In a Universe of potentially 2 trillion galaxies, by some models of cosmological inflation necessarily infinite in extent, we should be much less surprised that we have not found our own very specific and plausibly transient technologies staring back at us from this abyss.

For perhaps no other reason than relative developmental and logical self-consistency, the combinatorial complexity of matter and energy as information-processing and encoding artefacts, entities and systems in and as this Universe is so many orders of magnitude beyond whichever diminutive technological aperture we currently possess that – while searching is admirable – this silence is as likely a positive indication of what might yet occur as it is of our historical failures to detect what must inevitably be a fairly rudimentary technological signature when measured against the spectrum of all possibility.

As a matter of logic, and notwithstanding some imperialist fool seeking to extinguish us all by way of narcissistic ideological tantrum, we are much more likely to be at the very earliest stages of our technological metamorphosis and evolution than we are to be at the end. We should keep searching, if only because in not finding anyone else, our own ultimate value and singularly unexpected beauty as life in this Cosmos truly and endlessly resonates.

Context: Astronomers search for alien tech among billions of stars but come up empty

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