The Expected Unexpected

The further and faster our collaborative human endeavour expands into the vast and sprawling information space we have cocooned ourselves in, the more that our cognitive hyper-extension in and as technology and myriad dialects of identity speciates and radiates, the more sophisticated and intricately complex our world becomes – the greater the dissipative acceleration into unrecoverable noise and hollow, haunted and alienated turbulence. In essence, the life force that compels us almost necessarily invokes its opposite and in an act of mischievous unitelligibility cultivayes a self-generating, recursively hyper-inflating and autonomously self-propagating technological leviathan that harvests and shapes or variously leverages our paranoiac neuroses into the conflicts and insecurities through which it, itself, optimally reproduces.

We find ourselves hanging from a delicate thread of optical network fibre and electromagnetic radiation from the back of a largely autonomous technological speedboat that neither knows nor cares that it has come to own us much more than we, it. The success and sustainable continuity of this technological maelstrom depends upon our suspension of disbelief of its necessity and while we can hardly now even render as intelligible a world in which technological tropes and existential idioms are not in ascendance, is there some psychotherapeutic as much as computational sense in which the illusion that we inhabit (and control) these technological facts precisely is the blindspot that allows it to inhabit, inflate and control us?

Endlessly fantasising and invoking as inconsistent cultivation of narrative as psychology of teleological closure, we assert a control and continuity through a technology that simultaneously asserts control and continuity through us. Being unburdened, existentially complicated or cathartically and culturally elevated by the presence of subjectivity, the intuition here is that technology gains more than we do from this particularly symbiotic relationship we share.

We struggle to automate our thoughts and actions, even as we shrink in horror from the loss of control this necessarily incurs. Fascinating, disturbing and eminently human – technology is an enigma that quite natively and naturally inhabits us as its progeny.

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