The Sinking Ship

Opportunities are the anchors that like grappling hooks we cast out and upon the stochastic turbulence and mercurial probabilities of uncertain futures and there, in identifying them, in defining or formulating the possibilities they invoke we do well not to forget all those other unrealised worlds that might also exist and which yet as ontological identities cast long shadows upon the collaborative realities we do end up inhabiting.

The setting of a course, a plan and manifest aspiration as strategic vessel upon the contested waters of professional (or academic) life always comes at a cost. That is, the benefit we obtain from narrowing focus to a specialisation is more or less equivalent to the sum total (cost as loss) of all unacknowledged, unexplored or disavowed paths through the forest of facts with which this world presents us.

The inverse arc of all possible paths is my own interest but as this represents a constitutive indeterminacy, demonstrating value in a strategic context (i.e. paradigm) of short-term returns is problematic. What are we to say of a world in which the consequences of the paths we define and the actions we take retrospectively assert their own inevitability. This is a false teleology and sinking ship.

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