Autocracy is Addicted to Fear

We all know that the mobster kleptocracy has been catastrophically miscalculating at least in part due to a narrative dependency of getting high on its own supply of disinformation but in the monumental strategic blunder that this invasion represents they display the kernel core of a neurotic psychological pathology. An implicit orientation towards the positive reinforcement of the threats, both real and imaginary, that they perceive or project upon the world forms the unifying psychological (as much as ideological) nexus of an insecurity that persistently self-validates and replicates as a function of the fear and uncertainty that it itself generates.

The dissimulation of military competency and moral justification for the serial horrors they have inflicted upon their neighbour is the essential and hollow, haunted unstable core of a political identity as psychological pathology writ large. Such an untenable strategic position is not so much (or only) a symptomatic consequence of intellectual failure, it is that discontinuous uncertainty and constructive insecurity upon which the continuing autocratic imprisonment of their own people depends and from which the seemingly endless crimes and serially self-inflicted catastrophes of this war have now become more or less identical to (as indistinguishable from) an accidental addiction.

Their leadership systems are behaviourally addicted to the functional reproduction of their own fears. A little geopolitical as much as individual or group psychotherapy might go a long way to helping them out of the self-destructive feedback loops they are trapped in. The first response of most dependent persons is often something along the lines of: “I don’t have a problem, I can stop any time I want.” I am not so sure they can.

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