An Entropy Engine of Scholastic Inertia?

I have been reflecting on the bias in academic institutions towards the accelerated production of research papers at a cost of their quality or consequence.

It is a curiously irritating function of many but certainly not all of the autonomously self-propagating (as soliton-like) organisational systems that human beings inhabit that these entities are prone to the production of inadvertent biases towards optimal replication at a cost of generating precisely the kinds of pathological inertia and entropy that (quite literally) keep them in business.

The ways in which dynamical systems offset their entropy to (and as) their environments to maintain solvency and sustainable continuity is a function of their dependency upon precisely this fabricated intractability that then becomes their accidental raison d’être.

A kernel problem here being that to actively engage the bureaucratic discontinuity is also to play the game and inhabit the same generative grammars of adaptive system self-propagation.

One need not necessarily be aware of, nor actively seek to interdict, the problems around and as which such symmetries drift and tend over time to gradually self-gravitate but as systems of knowledge accrual and aspirational productivity they have a tendency to maximally replicate themselves, even when presented with their own counterfactuals. It is a little like being assimilated by the Borg…

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