Self-persecutory Pathology in Autocratic Imperialism

The curious thing about those who seek to leverage political capital from conflict is that this represents an atavistic ideological “business model” that in such a deeply interdependent world, all actions and aggressions return – amplified – to the actor. Even more so, in such an intricately entangled social, economic and technological context in which the turbulence generated by aggressive posturing and conflict returns much faster and with accelerating consequence. Other than being an invalidation of the imperialist autocratic insecurities currently on the march, this suggests that their commitment to self-inflected suffering is not merely a consequence but represents a kernel dependency and pathological need for the fear and insecurity the subsequent socioeconomic (and psychological) pain this brings. This is, in essence, the conspicuous absence as presence of a pathological blindspot in totalitarian ideologies and it is a mystifying enigma as to why what must be quite clever and inventive ideologues and their variously sycophantic minions can not find a smarter way of engaging with the outside world than hollow hyperbolic rhetoric, angry tirades and pointy stick-throwing.

Context: Taiwan scrambles jets after China makes largest incursion into air defence zone since January

A view, my own, and only ever approximating on truth.

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