Falsehoods Fly and Language Lies

The essence of communication in linguistically-bound domains is to generate just enough ambiguity (reads here as “falsity”, but elsewhere as “nuance”) to optimally self-propagate syntactical and semantic artefacts.

It is a kernel and core bias of communication to orient itself towards those heuristics of self-replication that themselves, well, self-replicate and notwithstanding that all of us are necessarily swept up in (and as) this spinning Catherine wheel of stochastic sociotechnical metamorphosis, I think the absence of truth provides optimal utility to the radiative speciation of information encodings that language represents.

This is why most approaches to disinformation and fake news are themselves quite simply self-accelerating information system vortex-shedding and white noise.

The natural bias, unpalatable as it may reflexively be, is towards the optimal means and methods of information self-propagation and instances of infidelity to truth as deception themselves percolate back to our attention as objects only because they are not true.

Continuities and certainties are grounded upon the generative discontinuity of probabilistic entropy and fakes fly further and faster than facts.

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