Technology as Transmission Medium for Difference

Technology is a transmission medium for the difference as information and individuation that it then proceeds to iteratively articulate and amplify. The unrelenting technological metamorphosis in which we exist is in this way generated by its own positive as self-accelerating feedback loops, both logico-technical and human-existential. It is in one (limited) sense a closed feedback loop and in as much as we might ever suspend our disbelief in the rank absurdity of ever sufficiently defining all causal factors and stakeholders in any non-trivially sophisticated (as essentially complex adaptive) system, this closure asserts a transient value. We must of course seek more substantive, global answers and explanatory systems if we ever to engage concepts of truth or reality in more effective and sustainable ways than those currently on the contemporary organisational menu but this endeavour is deeply, profoundly infused with enigma. To extend a system of thought, knowledge or communication is always and already in some way to negate or invalidate that system and this is a fact that so profoundly challenges subjective self-identity (and its corollary collaborative cultural memory as menu of shared and competing histories) that it leaves us all to proceed and progress in a shuddering staccato shambles of fear, insecurity and trepidation.

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