I’m of the exquisitely unpopular, largely incomprehensible and eminently unhelpful philosophical opinion that if we were able to calculate it to within a Planck’s length of its life, the sum total of all complex systems as measured along the axes of energy, information and entropy would be zero.

That which remains conspicuously absent (and likely must always be) from all our generalising, unifying explanations and efflorescing descriptive aspirations to explanatory closure precisely is, quite mischievously, the unity and logical self-containment towards which these motley interdisciplinary endeavours all aspire. If (and, for instance) ER = EPR, it is not a function of the instances and the dependencies but it is of the global, distributed topology and logical essence for the system to be dimensionally self-inflected in this way.

That which is missing from the unifying model is, and much I dare to say as is the absence of constructive, resilient or enduring system unity in the International Society of Nations (such as it is), itself. It’s all very Zen and hardly gains purchase in language due to its intractable indeterminacy but this is, I strongly feel, the missing component in many and diverse systems is, paradoxically: itself.

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