Totalitarian Regime

The borders and boundaries as definitions and shared narratives which define us become even more valuable and important when they are perceived as under threat. The totalitarian political playbook begins (and ends) with the fabrication and cultivation of profoundly insecure borders, boundaries and differences that allow them to masquerade as strength and certainty, to play the game of charades and certainty. In fact, and if you look closely enough, the totalitarian position is so profoundly grounded in and dependent upon the endless reiteration and amplification of this symbolic difference as insecurity that it inevitably becomes entirely enveloped and consumed by it. It is in effect a pathological addiction.

The totalitarian dictator is by this measure only what they are by the extent to which they can cultivate and reinforce the narrative insecurity and psychological fear that they have dressed themselves in and with which they serially deceive and oppress their own people. The dictator is their narrative and is also quite simply nothing without the fear they create. For this reason, although not only this reason, the dictator is a hollow, haunted and meaningless soul that inhabits and exploits the opportunities that fear, insecurity and hatred provides them. The dictator is an empty ghost.

It is because they are utterly meaningless and afraid of their own essential insignificance that they they force their fear and insecurity upon the world and bludgeon millions of innocents with their attrocities. I do not need to name them, their regime or the kleptocratic sycophants that enable them. They do not deserve the respect of name in human memory or history, only in the tribunal of war crimes and damning litany of guilt that must surely come to them.

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