Policy trumps biodiversity, again.

On discovering that the Government of my country is putting policy (and thus ideology) before environment and refusing to sign a leader’s pledge on biodiversity: Australia joins US, China and Russia in refusing to sign leaders’ pledge on biodiversity  The sophistication required here is at a level of complexity that almost entirely invalidates existing (institutional) […]


Strategic Blindspots

Context: Colouring Russian views of conflict in the 21st century Positing strategic culture, as are all cultures, as a semantic overlay or usefully-reductive functional self-representation (if even as that which exists unacknowledged or notionally unconscious) of any state is compelling and undoubtedly carries some gravity but such articulate eloquence often masks a fatal analytical flaw. […]

Alien Anthropology

Premonition of Civil War

The underlying momentum of evolving material logics, symmetries and information systems seem already oriented towards incurring dissonance, difference and entropy as an autonomous method through which their own accelerated logical metamorphosis self-propagates.


Global Conflict: The End of History ?

If we can’t find ways to agree, perhaps we can find less unhealthy ways to maintain the disagreements by which we seem to so vicariously define ourselves…