On the Freedom of Women in Iran

The essence of all totalitarian regimes is that of the brutal oppression of their own people by any and all possible methods. The violent oppression of women in particular has a leading place in this current litany of relentless attrocities.

The Iranian regime is grounded in and sustained by its pathological obsession with the control of women’s bodies. What the regime does not know and could probably never understand is that the autocratic obsession with surveillance and control as a basis for violent oppression is grounded only in fear. The leadership of the regime is deeply afraid of the women they seek to persecute, no less than they are afraid of the youth and cultural freedom they also continue to oppress.

What they do not understand is that fear and violent oppression is never conducted from a position of power. It is a crime projected from a position of weakness. The clear and present evidence of a pathological dependency upon the repressed desires and fantasies of control they inhabit is further reinforced by the extent to which they blame external influences and foreign governments for their own failures.

The regime is not in a position of power here or they would not have to continuously assault their own citizens. The true position of power is held by the women, the youth and all who seek freedom and justice. The women, the youth and the men who support them have all the power and that is the one thing the regime will never admit. It will be their downfall.

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