Political Chaos

Context: World Politics at the Edge of Chaos: Reflections on Complexity and Global Life

I have been deep down a rabbit hole of seeking to apply these complexity thinking insights more broadly for the last few years. One key, kernel and core takeaway is that (we) human beings seem on the whole quite poorly equipped by language and its corollary artefacts, entities and systems of ordered cognition to engage or constructively shape the vast and complex political systems we inhabit.

There is a mischievous property in these information and communication (although not always explicitly technology-inflected) systems of regulatory governance and knowledge. Every assertion of control and teleological abbreviation as leverage comes at a cost of displaced complexity and information as entropy offset to an environment. This offset cost tends by variously undefined mechanisms of feedback to directly or indirectly reproduce the kinds of problems against which we assert our collective intellects.

It is worth noting that every assertion of political identity in such a context becomes a generative ripple of yet more complexity, competition, disruptive doubt as uncertainty. Analysis functions similarly, one step removed.

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