There is a certain poetry in the notion that our understanding of time itself possesses a developmental arc and trajectory. It is something of a meta-temporal reflection that might go the way of much other involuntarily metastatic metaphysical inconsequentialities except for this – the unfolding (as organic) growth of our collaborative cognitive, linguistic and cultural (as scientific) comprehension of time is itself, and in essence, time. The combinatorial efflorescence of hyper-inflating entropy and degrees of freedom of experience, understanding, knowledge and technology precisely (and also) is time. Time is not something that happens to us, it is what we are – to exist is always and already to exist as a process and changing system until, that is, one no longer does. If I was to seek universals in anything, indeed, it would be in the temporal and whether one chooses to perceive it as granular nodules of Planck length and duration or as conformal diffeomorphic whispers and probabilistic whiskers of space and time smoothly deforming into one another, it is the one property to which all other properties are subject. Of course, though, this is all just games of words and there is no salvation from persistent rhetorical hyperbole.

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Another incredible post. That last line is brilliant. There is no salvation from persistent rhetorical hyperbole. I do find that I struggle with forms of exaggeration myself, and at times, it is unwarranted on my part. However, there are moments when I’m trying to get the point across, and from my limited perspective, it seems effective. At the minimum, it can be just purely entertaining and humorous when you don’t cling to it, and it does become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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