Enigmatic Culture

The cultural systems that sustain us and that equally generate and render our experience of identity and community as intelligible are simultaneously the borders, boundaries and epistemological horizons that constrain us. This is one among many enigmatic flows of information and energy that persist as a function of their inhibitory as much as of their generative properties.

The languages that bind us into communities are, similarly, the primary source of the diverse factors and complex faultines that divide us. To inhabit a culture is simultaneously to be inhabited by it. To engage in the production of a shared identity is always and already to be isolated and alienated from it.

In this way we come to be dependent upon the uncertainties that we initially attempt to resolve. Language is deeply implicated as much because we are rarely aware of just how profoundly it shapes all of us and our cultural as its primary transmission, just as it is ours.

Just some thoughts as more listless language and absent closure.

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