Trusting Technology?

In our colloquially-asserted hard borders and boundaries as difference and distance between human and machine I wonder if we do not, indeed, simply replicate the questions of trust that exist between persons and groups in embodied, organic intelligence. The relationships between human beings and their technologies are only really a special case of a much broader form and flow of radiating speciation in relationships between (and, often unacknowledged, within) persons that is almost exclusively mediated by language.

In this sense, the trust and bartered insecurities that haunt human choices in their hesitation or enthusiasm of and for new technologies is a deeper psychological and cultural enigma. Certainly, we do not (perhaps can not) trust what we do not use and this tends to regeneratively inhibit innovation and exploration of possibility but this is a function of the narratives we inhabit much more than direct experience of novel systems and technological solutions.

This seems to be a matter of narrative and systems of belief that exist in their own paradoxical way above and beyond or at least before the arrival and propagation of the technologies by which these human experiences are mediated. It is a philosophical position.

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