ChatGPT is Hollow

Context: How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work

Aptitude sans subjectivity, a perfect business partner up until about the point at which the vacuum of comprehension becomes normative and all we end up with is symbol-shuffling automation, exponentiated for its own sake.

The danger here, or at least a danger, is that the doubling down on generative technologies becomes the default mode of organisational structure and process, of operational design and practice. Dangerous precisely because the percolation to ascendance of any technology that obviates the need for subjective (and inter-subjective) comprehension and understanding will have tendency to normalise this absence.

I’m not suggesting that we are always and already writing ourselves out of history, although negation is the psychological and cultural (if not socioeconomic) reflex of all technical and technological metamorphosis. I am hinting towards a change in the functioning of human identity and culture as an integrated field of information, energy and communication.

It is said that fish rarely notice the water in which they swim and I think this, however true or false it may be, applies as much to us in this extended technological inflection point that automation and generative technologies represent.

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