AI and the Labelling Game

Context: Is your face gay? Conservative? Criminal? AI researchers are asking the wrong questions

Beyond eugenic atavisms and endemic biases in contemporary technological (and downstream) cultural ontologies, it is worth reflecting that this kind of aspirational certainty in labelling features of identity and character is itself the amplified signal of a psychological reflex that existed long before machine learning and will likely exist long after it has evolved into something else.

The surveillance ontologies of identity and character represents the external organ of an identity that was always and already the internalised pattern and epistemological spirit of a historical moment, the form and flow of a linguistic container which knowledge (as though liquid) assumes. In this I think we might see that for all the computational and mathematical sophistication underlying the technology, it is really just the harvesting of low-hanging fruit from data points.

Human beings being human: naming, shaming, isolating and alienating with words and language. Is the technology really all that advanced or just a variation on a theme of a game and theatre of self-identity seeking validation?

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