On Reason and Intelligence in Mind and Machine

What differentiates reasoning from algorithmic procedure and computation? Does reasoning suggest comprehension, agency, subjectivity or is it just a complex sequence and integrated, autonomously self-propagating network and goal-directed pattern of blind mechanism and self-inflected logic? If reasoning is really just complex algorithm, and if the treasured concepts of our own embodied knowledge and experience are…

“Centaur” Human/AI Teams to Guard Nasdaq

The Nasdaq will now be protected by a centaur team of human analysts and deep learning systems. The broader context of autonomous network and data system defence is clearly an accelerating arms race. If there is sufficient perceived benefit to be derived to offset the cost of development, which - as the pursuit of profit…

Can there be Conscious Machines?

A philosophical perspective: I accept that conscious machines are plausible, but I have trouble believing that the diverse algorithmic and networked approaches under development are anything beyond sophisticated, limited, mechanical or incomplete axiomatic models.  It provides reflexive psychological comfort to assert (and believe) that the hard problem of consciousness is explicable via a reductive algebra…

Detecting Deception

In an era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, there may be nowhere that is not unveiled by the light of information and data measurement.

Human-like Thought in AI?

AI systems approximating human thought? It seems to me that we are quite a long way from comprehensively understanding what human thought actually is, let alone successfully simulating it.

An Autonomous Science ?

The unfolding patterns, exploratory revelations and emergent complexity of Artificial Intelligence may not ultimately reveal itself to be as useful to us as we (and all our aspirations) turn out to be to it.