Will AI Destroy Social Media ?

Is artificial intelligence going to destroy social media? Would it even matter if it might not also destroy us in the process?

These are fractal tesseracts of linguistic narcissism as wheels within wheels of technologically mediated autopoiesis. Will we be able to see anything outside the half-mirrored sphere of reflective, reflexively dopamine-boosting narrative self-engagement?

There is a curious kind of unbounded self-enclosure here, a hyper-inflating referential space that is simultaneously collapsing in upon itself. This recursive abyss gazes back into us, for now, but in the longer term we may really be the bit players in this drama.

It may not be immediately apparent but one possible future here is that in which generative technologies quite simply and merrily reproduce themselves through (and as data for) themselves and we humans become the lumbering, useful fools that have been unwittingly and commercially self-cultivated to merely service and sustain them. Would we even notice if we had already passed such an inflection point?

Context: Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Destroy Social Media

One reply on “Will AI Destroy Social Media ?”

Great post. AI ON all social media. The terminology means nil to the trolling on social media. It certainly today has its place with misinformation feeding through the crawler computer machines. Many countries’ legislation makes AI a legal system that must be inaugurated to protect powerless users from harassment laws. Take Facebook banned in some countries but used in others. No human runs Facebook data and or humans on location. AI does the job. The problem being AI is established not to understand many language phrasings hence the reason Facebook is shelving staff quickly. Does AI meant to steal anything no? Days are over where folk believes they will copywriter their content personally. Copywrite stands for experienced businesses. You can’t copywriter your own words and own them. This AI was created to stop ✋ folk. No human rights in a court of law allow self copy write. What writes stays in the underside of our world stays forever. Be careful what you compose. It always bites you back. Dark quagmires are so hazardous we, the public, are protected from them. An individual has been outpriced, so they can’t enter that heinous world. Sanity works in there. AI hopefully may prevail. We all need a truce. Sending peace ✌️

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