Chinese Aggression and Submarine Deterrence

In all its forms, a totalitarian state is reflexively oriented towards and dependent upon the threat and insecurity that conflict and difference with Others represents. Even if they invade and conquer Taiwan, the Phillipines, Thailand and Indonesia – the Chinese regime is constitutively unable to cease its aggressive rhetoric and actions as every part of their state apparatus is anchored upon a dual invocation of internal and external threat and insecurity. The TL;DR: for as long as there is a totalitarian autocracy in Beijing, they will threaten all other nations and no matter what partial technical or technological defensive solutions we might depend upon, the presence of political psychopathology will continue to attack and bully all other nations. The only hope for lasting peace is regime change – in China, Russia, DPRK and beyond. Their political subjectivities are dependent upon fear and aggression to a point of addiction – only regime change will provide sustainable peace.

Submarine technology will inevitably be eclipsed. Its strategic utility is as of transient, if necessary, investment but it does nothing to solve the psychological and cultural problem that drives the conflicts in the first place.

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