That which is being generated through the progressive and accelerating sedimentation and self-replication of complexity is not the entities, nodes or instances of complex phenomena. The process of replication is foundationally of the recombinatory axiomatic metamorphosis and evolving, reflexive encoding or encryption of the rules by which this complexity, information transmission and systemic continuity is propagated.

There are rules which maintain retrospective coherence in their progressive instantiation as entities, nodes and systems but those rules and axiomatic boundaries or parameters are themselves nevertheless undergoing constant adaptive selection processes. We are witnessing the perpetuation of systems of rule and information transmission in which our own biological, psychological and existential biases lead us to mistakenly identify ourselves as the primary components (and purposes) of this process.

We are subjectively (and more realistically) little more than the convenient, contingent vectors by which the various cascading resources, storage methods or mechanisms and transmission functions of information rule-encoding finds itself propagated. This represents the recursive replication of the logic of replication itself.


Subjective experience should be celebrated and enjoyed.  It’s just that all this experience and its attendant qualitative, existential intuitions are probably also, under analysis, something other than what they at first appear to be.

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