The dynamic activity of the methods, frameworks and algorithms of cultural encryption indicate that the nodes in any sufficiently sophisticated communications or information transmission system are secondary considerations to the primary functioning of a recursive self-replication of those same methods, frameworks and algorithms.

What is being replicated in cultural propagation and information transmission is not so much simply instances of the recording and storage of information; the underlying, foundational or primary replication is the reflexive, recursive transmission of those historically contextualised rules and axioms by which replication itself occurs. The replication is of the various dynamic methods and adaptive, evolving rules and frameworks of replication and culturally recursive information transmission. Otherwise rendered: the cultural artefact, entity, location or moment is not only an encoded symbolic and semantic bundle of references back from (and into) a cultural gestalt; these things are also constitutively symptomatic of the ways in which information transmission was encoded at the historical moment of storage and record generation. The artefact, the entity, the individual subjectivity – these are all fundamentally bundles of aggregated rules and methods of information replication undergoing evolutionarily selective pressures and expressing or manifesting diverse processes of systemic self-reproduction.




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