B.S. (Bureaucracy Simulator) 2.0

Bureaucracy Simulator 2.0, in stores near you soon…

I personally look forward with eager excitement to the arrival of Bureaucracy Simulator 2 (it’s B.S. 2), in which a player gets to live the life of a micromanaged office worker. From waking up at 4 a.m. in an under-sized apartment he or she can hardly afford and after having negotiated the 90 minute commute through constipated traffic to work, gets to spend a full 8 hours of boredom sitting in an open-office designed workspace in which management direct inefficient seating reshuffles every other day. A simulator with drudgingly-slow soul-destroying real-time-only play.

The occasional opportunity for meetings (in which extra points are scored for cultivating sophisticated skills of sleeping-with-eyes-open) and random office conversations about the weather or politics are also percolated by unexpected dressing-downs from senior management about things your in-game character has never heard of, certainly has no responsibility for but now clearly must take the blame for disastrous performance-metrics in regards-to. The endless emails, the hours of Microsoft Office. Then they get to drive home through peak-hour traffic and should they survive the potential for stochastic instances of car-jacking, road-rage or car defect-notices, they get to go home to their little apartment, eat a TV dinner, watch a little bullshit on TV, check their work email, and then go to bed.

An optional extra and purchasable mod is “Tortured Insomnia and Nightmares of an Office Worker“; commonly co-purchased with the “Borderline Alcoholic” add-on pack.


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