We can hardly ever have been created whole and unbroken if the primary evolutionary goal and mechanism of our phylogenetic history has cast us each as bit-players and (at least partly) preprogrammed genetic contributors to the mixed, moving logical and mathematical broth of our own self-definition. We are at base created imperfect and troubled by blind, probabilistic biological processes. It should be somewhat less of a surprise than it constantly is that we so readily throw ourselves into ill-fitting relationships. Friendship has intrinsic value, at least in as much as a lived positive experience is better had than not, but coupling’s primary goal precedes by many millions of years any consideration of romance or interdependent psychological complementarity and completion.

If we were not imperfect and incomplete, at any level, we should hardly be compelled (as we are or tend to be) to seek this completion and validation in another. Evolution and adaptation at the more intimate scales and contexts of being human are facilitated by implicit discontinuity and an associated (much more recent, as cultural and psychological) dissatisfaction. We are that living matter through which the logic of self-replication self-replicates; we are not the bearers or the beneficiaries of this process, we are the medium through which it (shockwave-like) passes.

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