Sociological, psychological and economic systems are in general quite poorly optimised to cultivate or acknowledge the forms of innovation and creative thinking that their continuing tenure in the world deeply depends upon; subsequently – we find ourselves engulfed in the forms of thought that self-replicate the intellectual and organisational systems which already exist (with small variations), but not necessarily the systems that we (actually) need at scales on a spectrum from individual through to civilisation. 

The limited aperture of permissible (i.e. “successful”) creative intelligence tends to be that which introduces new ideas which are endlessly and everywhere functionally sanitised by the filtering mechanisms of “conventional wisdom”, of dominant cultural or ideological affectations, and of the limiting factor of the median intelligence quotient and conceptual vocabulary of a moving historical moment.  We (collectively) need change and novelty to grow and adapt but simultaneously we recoil from the implicit uncertainty of the unfamiliar.  There is a lot to be said of this in regards of complex adaptive systems, information theory, logic and the cultivation (or inhibition) of distributed intelligence and an associated augmentation of our collective and particulate cognitive aptitude(s).

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