Context: More than a thousand dead dolphins have washed up on French beaches this year

It seems to be clear that what is failing us all is that the predominant architectures of our organisational and explanatory systems are inadequate to the tasks of authentically holistic, global-systems analysis and integrated problem-solving with which we are faced. The median (collective) intellect – and all associated ideologies – that percolates up through (and is embodied as) human organisational systems is that which is narcissistic, self-interested and well-suited to a game of simplistic, adversarial popularity contests but which is hardly suitable to decoding the emergent complexities of the distributed Global problems we currently face.

Is it possible to genuinely acknowledge or effectively disentangle the diverse patterns and consequences of environmental disruption without also simultaneously addressing the core epistemological shortcomings of human cognition, of human nature ?

We are our own greatest unresolved enigma;
solving this may solve almost everything else.

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