The Dissociative Art of Leonardo Vargas

The art of Leonardo Vargas invokes the ghost of Francis Bacon’s disturbing vision but arguably finds itself arriving in an altogether different aesthetic solution to a representation of human identity and the psychological dissonance of individuation.

An artistic representation like this evokes an internal life, not mere appearance but something of the depth and discontinuity between that surface and superficial object we each represent to one another and that actual lived, incomplete and volatile self that lies within; not merely this – but here in representational antinomy we find encrypted that disconnect between an image one might hold of themself in their mind’s eye as reflected back to them from the various mirrors and behaviours of the world or Other people, and of that less complete, less understood and (essentially) less controlled, lived experience and self of subjectivity, the interior surface of the facade and mask we all must present to the world. This is of course Lacanian in flavour, as of a mirror stage and of a self as necessarily divided against itself in (and as) the process of individuation. This is the depth and implication that dwells in this mysterious, unsettling yet beautiful portrait of an unknown woman who seeks unity and peace but, like all of us, perhaps, finds only material dissonance and the inevitability of psychological entropy.

Artist: @leonardovargast_art

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