The Challenge of Turning a Profit from Environmental Sustainability

If money is the problem, it is probably also the solution.

If money, trade, economics, finance and the integrated interdependencies of symbolic value and trust are the central reasons for the accelerated degradation of our planetary home, they are probably also the method of our survival. We are not going to be able to remove the tendrils and consequences of money, possession, greed and ownership from our world any more than we could successfully remove a metastasised tumour from its host without injuring or potentially killing it. So, we need to find ways to make environmental action and ecological remediation more profitable than destructive and wasteful practices currently are.

Notwithstanding that time has pretty much already run out, the key enigma and riddle to solve us: how do we rapidly transform our integrated Global economies into a carbon-neutral systems in an extremely brief time-frame? If profit and the extraction of wealth from ecological turbulence and waste has previously been a more efficient way of generating wealth, what are the solutions which allow us to invert this? What economic or financial mechanisms are required to provide profit from sustainability, renewal energies and long-term planetary thinking?

If money is the problem, it is probably also the solution.

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