6th Mass Extinction Accelerating

Context: Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn …and all the while, humanity stumbles and lumbers around from one profoundly tragic self-inflicted catastrophe to another, all but blind to this darkening existential threat and profane insult to life itself that emanates like dusty, choking smoke and tar from the ill-purposed machines of civilisation.  What […]


Event Horizon: Life and Death

Entering into life is always and ever to pass across an event horizon towards a dark infinity; all futures, freedom and choice trace an inevitable arc and trajectory towards singularity and extinction. Entropy provides limited degrees of freedom or choice but teleology binds us.

Alien Anthropology Philosophy


The utter vacuum and meaningless emptiness at the very heart of our existence is disconcerting, dissonant and it is in general the last thing that anyone wants to hear about or acknowledge. From those brief few years we may each be lucky enough to experience, we seek and weave what little meaning and purpose we […]


The Challenge of Turning a Profit from Environmental Sustainability

If money is the problem, it is probably also the solution.

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Enigmas of Ecological Problem-Solving

The non-linear cognitive flexibility and diverse conceptual vocabulary required to describe the complex problem-space of environmental and ecological complexity is also the heuristic practise with which we might seek to successfully address it.