Peace is Freedom from Self

There seems to be something of a plausible inevitability to depression and psychological suffering. Being that our minds have been sculpted by long-term evolutionary biases towards survivability in a probabilistically uncertain and materially dangerous world, there is something of a hard-coded orientation towards pessimism (or at the very least – pragmatism) within us all. Culture […]


Octopus Farming: What is the (actual) product here?

Work into refining the viability of octopus farming continues apace. I doubt that there is any other animal on Earth the farming of which would so closely resemble the cultivation of extraterrestrial life. Reflections on a big(ger) picture: In what ways does accelerated aquaculture only continue to generate the problems which have led to the […]


Cyber Security and Governance: to Centralise or not to Centralise?

Cyber security is a fascinating and rapidly evolving problem-space. What possible solutions exist in regards to coordinated governance and oversight? If a centralised software and hardware development methodology iss used – compliance to formal standards could be assured but the (logically and materially inevitable) emergence of vulnerability and exploit would mean that this systemic coherence […]


The Challenge of Turning a Profit from Environmental Sustainability

If money is the problem, it is probably also the solution.


The Beautiful Uncertainty of Nature

It is in our attempts to explain, to mimic and to supersede nature that our greatest failures manifest themselves.


Organisational Ecologies

Extracting psychological self-interest from the naked fact of seeking existential continuity is an entangled Gordian Knot.